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      CAN-HACKER 3.2 (3.X)
      CAN-HACKER 3.2 (3.X)
      Product Code: 451 Can-Hacker

      CAN-HACKER 3.2 (3.X)

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      CAN-Hacker 3.0 (hereinafter CH3.X) is our base product, it is a universal USB CAN bus adapter with the possibility of both hardware and software expansion of functionality.

      Detailed description
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      * Basic set
      LIN option
      Optional firmware module for working with the LIN bus

      With this adapter you can:

      Analyze the operation of CAN and LIN car tires and specials. technicians.
      Turn on “on the table” control units and vehicle units controlled by CAN and LIN buses (for example steering racks and EGUR units)
      Emulate the operation of sensors and control units directly on the car
      Programming car control units.
      All these features will provide invaluable support in the process of car repair, as well as during the installation and development of additional security, telematics and navigation equipment for any mobile equipment.

      Advantages of CAN-Hacker 3.0:

      Two CAN channels. Ability to work in CAN mode of gateway \ CAN gateway using special firmware included
      120 Ohm Plug Terminals

      Ability to work with the LIN bus. (additional option)
      On-line update
      The ability to automatically search (search) ID program CAN-Hacker-Bomber
      Our CAN - USB adapter works with the well-known CAN-Hacker program, and we are also developing an improved version of our CAN and LIN bus analysis software.