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      Freelogic WiFi Middle
      Freelogic WiFi Middle
      Product Code: 596

      Freelogic WiFi Middle

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      Freelogic WiFi Middle - a device for automatically measuring the time of acceleration and braking of any vehicles from 0 to 30, 60, 100, 150, 200, 100-150 and 100-200 km / h, 100-0, as well as travel time and speed at 402 meters output with high accuracy (allows you to add your own any braking / acceleration / distance ranges). Also, subject to entering the mass of the car (from the catalog) with passengers, displays the approximate power of the car.
      It has onboard a microcontroller with microUSB output and a GPS module with a 10 Hz coordinate update frequency.
      Supports iOS (iPhone), Android, Linux, Windows operating systems.

      Detailed description
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      Unlike the version of the device, Freelogic WiFi Light has a built-in graphical web application that allows you to display the measurement results on the screen in graphical form, as well as display the results of races in the form of graphs. The application has built-in graphs of speed, altitude, acceleration, instant power. It can also act as an external GPS sensor for applications such as Racechrono and Harrys Lap Timer.

      The following mobile applications are also supported:

      - Speed ??Logic (Android);
      - Harry’s Lap Timer (iOS and Android);
      - Harry’s Dyno (iOS and Android);
      - Racechrono (iOS and Android).

      The reliability of the readings was verified using Racelogic, Dragon instruments. The device was also tested on ground-based telemetry in St. Petersburg. The accuracy of measuring the acceleration time is 0.1 sec.

      The accuracy of the measurements allows us to judge the slightest improvement in dynamics after tuning (chip, removal of the catalyst, cold inlet, brake mechanisms, etc., etc.) or deterioration in dynamics due to, for example, malfunctions in the internal combustion engine.

      The delivery includes the device itself with a glass mount, a microUSB cable and a cigarette lighter power adapter.