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      Keymaster Rusdiag standart
      Keymaster Rusdiag standart
      Product Code: 111- Keymaster Rusdiag

      Keymaster Rusdiag standart

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      The STANDARD set includes:

      • Interface OBD
      • Programmer + Power adapter
      • Key Adapter-Adapter for reading NEC memory
      • Key holder – adapter for reading / saving data in keys via IR
      • IR cable reader- IR key with cable for operating stations
      • a suitcase

      In addition to each set goes with 1 piece of of NEC memory. An elv emulator that can repair most types of ELV.

      Detailed description
      1 299.00$
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      * Basic set
      Extension modules for SETS

      From the program level you can freely configure it and use it as a normal working system or as an ELVemulator.

      The Keymaster Poldiag set is sold with a one-year subscription for all functions for the Mercedes brand (- possibility to expand with subsequent modules, activation at any time of use).